PocketPi - a RaspberryPi iPad companion

Some time ago, I began using my iPad more actively, not only for content consumption but also for creative tasks. Additionally, I have it connected to a stage manager which makes it almost

Compiling custom kernel for WSL2 + USB-IP support

Updated 19.11.2021: Add note on runnins usbipd from WSL Updated 08.11.2021: Add metntion usbipd-win [https://github.com/dorssel/usbipd-win ] Updated 28.10.2021: The most recent kernel 5.10.

Starting services on WSL2 with systemd

Updated 28.10.2021: Corrected installation flow, init way + notes on VScode server WSL2 [https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wsl/wsl2-index] is a great way to run Linux alongside Windows 10/11.

Under the desk: USB Power

I have a zillion of different USB powered devices that require dumb simple 5V supply. About 10 of them is always on on my my desk. So having a number of AC usb